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Each of the four percussionists has a variety of sounds with which to wreak musical havoc in Melee. The mallet parts are diatonic and use functional harmony but some unconventional techniques are employed such as bowing cymbals, playing a concert bass drum with brushes, and dipping a gong in water (called water gong). One of the marimba parts is for 4 mallets, and the other mallet parts are for 2 mallets. This piece is great to showcase the talents and versatility of more advanced percussionists.


Grade V


Approx. performance time 4:02
4 1/3 oct. marimba, 4 oct. marimba, xylo., bells, snare, 4 toms, bass drum, 3 sus. cyms., 2 triangles, shaker, gong, water gong
Mallet recommendation – Encore NZ2B
Key of C# minor

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