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Inconsistent Jim

Inconsistent Jim


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For four percussionists on two 4 1/3 octave marimbas, accompanied by a Latin percussionist, and a drum set player. This piece is a light and lively tune which utilizes several Latin rhythm patterns such as samba, mambo, and calypso. The melody is played partly in harmony, partly in call and response, by the 1st and 2nd marimba parts, while the accompaniment and bass are played by parts 3 and 4. The piece is mostly in 4/4 but has a section which alternates between 7/8 and 4/4. This piece is fun to play and will be sure to entertain any audience.


Grade III-IV


Approx. performance time 3:11
2 – 4 1/3 octave marimbas, 4 piece drum set, shaker, triangle, congas
Keys of: G major, D major

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