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The Pantastic 4 - Lornabarret

The Pantastic 4 - Lornabarret


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The Pantastic 4 is a steel pan combo with three percussionists that rotate between steel pan (steel drums), marimba, and drum set, supported by a guitarist and bassist. The music has elements of Caribbean/Latin music and elements of jazz but is accessible to fans of all ages and musical tastes except c&w. This group performs Scott Johnson's compositions and you'll find a great blend between unique and familiar sounds. 
As an instrumental group, there is a section in every song (except Dedication) for the members to improvise.


The melodies are often played by the pans and marimba, but you'll hear the guitar and bass perform melodic doublings along with some sweet counter melody action. Members of The Pantastic 4 say,"once you hear P4, you'll ask for more".

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