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The Deflowering of Pris Chatterson

The Deflowering of Pris Chatterson


A baroque style intro in G major sets the mood of innocence before darkly turning to G mixolydian with a calypso groove. This composition is about as close to program music as you’ll find with my pieces but Pris Chaterson is a fictional character and the deflowering is of a musical nature. The melody of the A section starts on the guitar while the pan and marimba fiendishly interject, slowly turning the group towards the explosive B section. The pan and marimba take over with an aggressive, harmonized melodic line which culminates in the C section; a baroque style running sixteenth note melody over the driving calypso groove. There is an optional open ended solo section. This tune is tough but will be worth the effort.


Difficulty: Medium/Advanced (great for college combos)


Instrumentation – lead pan, marimba, guitar, bass, drum set

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