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A four mallet marimba solo for 4.3 octave marimba which alternates between two musical ideas. The first idea is a chorale section which is rolled throughout. When the piece returns to this idea, the same progression and voicings are played as block chords in a syncopated, staccato presentation. The conclusion brings us this section for the third time. The rhythmic presentation is consistent with its previous hearing, but the progression, voicings, and register are altered to bring the piece to a close.


The contrasting section holds the main melodic content of the piece. A steady, sixteenth note pattern is established with mallets 2 & 3 while the melody is played with mallet 4 and mallet 1 adds depth to the harmonic presence on the repeat of the theme.


The reemergence of the theme finds itself played as a cappela. Those accustomed to the 16th note ostinato patterns may find it stark initially, but if you appreciate a lyrical, melodic phrase, isolated and exposed, yet able to stand on its own, you will welcome this idea as presented on marimba.


4 mallets, 4.3 8ve marimba, 7 minutes, level 5 difficulty

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